My first blog and the ‘firsts’

Trying to go more with the trends and put myself out there more so I made a promise to myself that I will just go for it…. no matter how silly or stupid I  might feel or be made to feel. I try to live by the motto “No Regrets” maybe I should have it tattooed? Hence writing this blog.

I turned 30 in February and this year and  I made some big decisions that will change my life quite dramatically.

I was working in a job that I really started to hate and it was making me feel deflated and anxious all the time and even over the Christmas break. I then decided a change needs to happen and a big one at that. I handed my notice in and made the decision to work overseas and use it as an opportunity to ‘find myself’ and cheesy as that sounds. So within a week the huge weight and black cloud started to lift off my shoulders. I made the mature decision to find a temporary position whilst I look for a role as I knew it would take some time and I wasn’t in any real hurry to jump ship straight away.

I called a good friend of mine who I actually saw a week before  I had finished work late, I was really stressed but tried to hide it all by making out that  it was all fine and dandy. I think she knew I wasn’t happy and was not surprized when I asked for a therapist position in her spa. Phew! she could accommodate a position for me so I was delighted and since I have been working there it has made it clear that I love the beauty industry and has given me my passion back.

Why will my life change?

A few weeks ago I was offered a position to run a trendy day spa in Dubai!

This will be the first time I have lived and worked in another country and also the first time that I have been to Dubai and the Middle East.


I am now in the process of organising my medical and visa and due to leave mid to end of May. I’m also trying to spend as much time with family and close friends before I depart but as you would imagine a lot of them will be visiting me soon.


roof top-Amsterdam


This picture is of me in Amsterdam at the W hotel living it up. This was a very fun day and weekend I spent out there with some close friends of mine.


Until next time




Fresh Insight from A Beauty Insider

Since finishing my GCSE’s I fell into a bit of a cross roads in deciding what career path I should take. My ‘Plan’ was to stay in education and complete A levels in social care and physiology. However after speaking to a career adviser, ‘Beauty Therapy’ seemed like the right match for me. I signed up for the three year course on a bit of a whim only to find it was the best decision I’ve ever made!

Twelve years later here I am…



I have to say that my passion lies in skin care as I’ve had many issues with my skin including horrendous acne and eczema. Having studied the skin when doing my course it really opened my eyes to all various treatments/ brands that do exactly what they say on the bottle.

We’ve all tried our own home-made remedies like toothpaste on your breakouts, etc..


Does it really work?

Yes, it has an anti- inflammatory effect on the spots but doesn’t stop them from re-appearing. I would suggest looking at the cause of the problem i.e: diet, stress, poor skin care, and heavy makeup-my pet hate: you use heavy makeup to hide the problem but you are not treating, because in some cases this will cause congestion (blackheads) and MORE breakouts.

In my opinion its a vicious circle…but, you don’t need to worry, as there are solutions that have been created by masters of science.


Cleanse & Remove Makeup – this is VERY important. You need to have a clean canvas for all serums and creams to penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin. Try Cleansing Water by Caudalie.

Tone – Often a product missed out by many due to high amounts of chemicals added to ‘high street’ brands. They tend to have alcohol as the first ingredient…why??? All this does to the skin is strip it of its natural oils. Please don’t try this at home! Check this toner out: Moisturizing Toner by Caudalie.

Exfoliate – Another product missed. Most of my clients say it’s because they don’t have enough time. Why not mix with your cleanser once or twice a week they you have killed two birds with one stone. This makes a massive difference to the skin as it removes all the dead skin cells and accelerates your serum and moisturizer. One of my favorite ways to exfoliate: Gentle Buffing Cream and Instant Foaming Cleanser by Caudalie.

Mask – Often looked as being quite old fashioned and something we only do when we have ‘pamper sessions’ with friends. Hands down, its the most effective part of your skin care routine and a big obsession of mine as I love the wow effect they give to the skin, and don’t just use the same one all over your face. You can Treat various areas of concern with different masks, as a spa therapist would, but right in the luxury of your own home. I generally tend to sleep with them on for the best results. Four I really like are from Caudalie: Moisturizing Cream Mask, Purifying Mask, Glycolic Peel Mask, and the new Instant Detox Mask.

Eyes – Always the first place to age, treat with caution as its the thinnest part of skin on the face. Depending on your concern if you have puffiness always opt for an eye serum and for hydratation and lines go with a cream. Never use your skin moisturiser over your eye area! You need to use a specific eye product as the formulations are different. So, for the best of the best when it comes to your delicate eyes, try: Premier Cru Eye Cream from Caudalie.

Serum/Moisturizer – to put it simply you have two layers to your skin, the top layer (Epidermis) and bottom layer (Dermis) your serum will absorb into the deep dermal layer and and your moisturizer will work on the surface epidermal layer. Basically this is your skins shampoo and conditioner, you wouldn’t shampoo your hair without conditioning it, would you? To finish your at home daily treatment, check out: Polyphenol C-15 Serum (which is an anti-wrinkle defense serum) or Premier Cru The Elixir both from Caudalie.

If  you stick with these basics you can’t go wrong!

Until next time,

Xoxo Bex