My Abu Dhabi day trip

Some times I genuinely forget where I am and that I’m in the middle east, crazy ayy? Some amazing and beautiful places are very close by to the hustle of Dubai. For instance the Capital of the UAE Abu Dhabi ,I didn’t expect to be visiting so soon but a lovely friend of mine invited me to explore this city for the day.


Please note I am excited not moody lol


I was ready to go on an Arabian adventure in my long dress I picked up in the Mall of the Emirates   along with my Verses Versace bag. Off i went to meet my friend Nancy (Keys to confidence Author) and Briar (deals in high heels blogger) check them out and follow them too.


First stop was the Grand Mosque, this is something I would highly recommend doing when your in Abu Dhabi as its breathtakingly beautiful. The detail in the building and the chandeliers really did want to make my swing for them (as Sia sings)


When we arrived we where handed a Burka as this is so we can be respectful of the religion. It was steaming hot and as you can see from my picture I was wearing a full length dress and it was at least 50 degree heat. I would advise you to visit in the winter months as we left as soon as we had seen everything, when your inside you do however have air-con, huray!

We then ventured out for lunch in a stunning beach club that I would definitely visit again called Saadiyat Beach Club  and it was as if we were on holiday in a five star resort. This is a beach club and not a hotel but you must go here if you get a chance.


Our final stop was the Emirates Palace.. you know, where Sex in the City 2 was filmed! Again a truly beautiful place. We went had there unique coffee and ice cream with 24k Gold sprinkled on top. The gold was a taste I very much enjoyed, I wanted to also take some of it away ind try and use it for makeup but I ate it all in the end. (insert eye roll)

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog.

Love hearing your comments and suggestions so please ask away.

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Have a fab week all



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