Health and Beauty tips- check your iron and sodium levels

Hello All!

My weekend kicked off to me feeling very weak and tired. I knew the weather was playing a big part but I thought I was still adjusting to ‘Dubai life’ but it turns out its common and people who live here have the same issues (phew)

I was having a chat with my housemates boyfriend, who is a personal trainer and nutritional expert. I mentioned that I want to feel more energised and less tired and bloated. I was asked what water I was drinking, Why?

TIP- So it turns out that Arabic water even though it mentions low sodium, its a big reason to tiredness, headaches and feeling sluggish and bloated. Its Evian or Volvic for me then!

I knew that I may have to do more than just change the water I was drinking so I went to a local pharmacist and bought these amazing supplements called Multivion by Vitane they cost me AED 49 for 60 soft gel capsules. They are amazing and I feel 10x better and will continue to keep taking them.

I also recently visited Sephora and its always like entering Alice in Wonderland for me as I love having all of my favourite things under one roof! I, like any other beauty junkie (no I don’t snort my eye shadow) purchased some various items from lip mask to Huda beauty 3D highlighter 

I became slightly obsessed with her makeup tutorials and obviously had to buy her product. If you want to look radiant and flawless then DONT delay you need it in your life!

Check out my video on all of these product and find out my trick to slow down the aging process.




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