Dubai and the ‘Big move’

Its been a long time since I last wrote a blog I have mainly been posting on my you tube channel and face book page beauty by B E X trying to be brave and put myself out there and escape my comfort zone.

Judging from the title as you can imagine I’ve been fairly pre-occupied with a life changing move to Dubai. Well let me start by telling you about the amazing sense of community here (more so than back home) everyone is willing to help in anyway they can by recommending a hair dresser (a top priority for us girlies) the best gym classes, restaurant’s, brunches, night life, beaches, hotels, apps for deals and a filter for your shower to prevent hair loss. Don’t worry I haven’t got a reseeding hair line, they use chemicals in the water here that causes your hair to fall out more than usual. I noticed it more when I arrived 3 weeks ago but its not really affected me and I have very thick hair.

Since I’ve been here it really has been non stop, you work hard and you play even harder. I had the comfort of knowing a couple of people who already lived here so I wasn’t completely alone like most that come here. 80% of people living in Dubai are from all across the globe, which is why everyone wants to help as they have all been on the same boat. The days also go by so quick and before you know it its 1am and your still awake or out with friends.

My tips for the big move     

  • Try and make some connections before you leave then you can connect easily once your out here
  • Don’t be afraid of the unknown and the different culture- embrace it
  • Be willing to try different things like Arabic coffee and the food
  • Go with the flow and be open minded
  • Keep a positive attitude as you will come across negative people
  • Eat the Frog- are really good book and a great way to work by doing the annoying tasks first then its out of the way
  • network, network and network so you can learn and share experiences
  • download  insta-shop on your phone so your grocery shopping is delivered to your door within 30mins! for a fee of 2DHS, 41pence to be specific
  • download Zomato for your local takeaway home delivery
  • enjoy waking up to sunshine every day.
  • Don’t listen to negative comments from people back home, only welcome positive

Oh and for the negative people that think you cant drink out here, think again! I have had more drinks here than I would back home.

So cheers then and I will see you next time






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