Spring into Summer

Hi guys!

As the weather is getting warmer (well sort of) I wanted to advise on the best products/makeup you should be using this time of year…


My last blog I mentioned more about the basics, if you have specific questions about your skin and the best way to treat please comment below…

When the weather is warmer our skin tends to get very oily, I like to use matifying fluid from Caudalie it’s perfect for the day but also amazing as a primer before makeup and gives you a sheer matt finish. This doesn’t contain any SPF so it can be used day and night but don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun as it is the main cause to ageing.

To protect me skin I like to used pressed powder by Jane Iredale this has an SPF 20 and gives my skin an amazing flawless coverage. The thing I love about this makeup is that it doesn’t feel heavy and acts like a second skin…You can pick the right shade for your skin tone/colour and get the perfect match.

Once applied, the best product to set makeup has to be Caudalie Beauty Elixir its one of my favourite products as it gives my skin an instant radiance and deminishes my pores (I hate the Orange peel look) if you travel a lot this needs to be in your handbag. The beauty of this product is that you can use it throughout the day to boost your makeup without having to re-apply (Genious)


Eyes- I like to keep as natural and simple as possible (unless I have lots of time which I don’t) when it comes to my eyes it’s just mascara. My eyelashes are pretty non existent so my must have is Shu Uemura eye lash curler this is the best thing since slice bread and means that whatever mascara I use cheap or expensive it always looks good!

Have a great week, please leave any feedback in the comments section.

xoxo. Bex


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