My Abu Dhabi day trip

Some times I genuinely forget where I am and that I’m in the middle east, crazy ayy? Some amazing and beautiful places are very close by to the hustle of Dubai. For instance the Capital of the UAE Abu Dhabi ,I didn’t expect to be visiting so soon but a lovely friend of mine invited me to explore this city for the day.


Please note I am excited not moody lol


I was ready to go on an Arabian adventure in my long dress I picked up in the Mall of the Emirates   along with my Verses Versace bag. Off i went to meet my friend Nancy (Keys to confidence Author) and Briar (deals in high heels blogger) check them out and follow them too.


First stop was the Grand Mosque, this is something I would highly recommend doing when your in Abu Dhabi as its breathtakingly beautiful. The detail in the building and the chandeliers really did want to make my swing for them (as Sia sings)


When we arrived we where handed a Burka as this is so we can be respectful of the religion. It was steaming hot and as you can see from my picture I was wearing a full length dress and it was at least 50 degree heat. I would advise you to visit in the winter months as we left as soon as we had seen everything, when your inside you do however have air-con, huray!

We then ventured out for lunch in a stunning beach club that I would definitely visit again called Saadiyat Beach Club  and it was as if we were on holiday in a five star resort. This is a beach club and not a hotel but you must go here if you get a chance.


Our final stop was the Emirates Palace.. you know, where Sex in the City 2 was filmed! Again a truly beautiful place. We went had there unique coffee and ice cream with 24k Gold sprinkled on top. The gold was a taste I very much enjoyed, I wanted to also take some of it away ind try and use it for makeup but I ate it all in the end. (insert eye roll)

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog.

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New friends – Like going back to school!

One of the main things that I wanted when moving out to Dubai was to make new friends. The thought of this is actually quite scary, going to Meetups and having to keep introducing yourself over and over. Its really funny, you know exactly what you will be asked out here:

  • Where are you from?
  • How long have you been living here?
  • Why did you move here?
  • What do you do?
  • Where do you live?
  • How long are you going to be here for?- well for me this question is irrelevant as I have only been here for one month and I never plan my life like that and never will put too much pressure and timelines on myself.

Image result for not sure?

You do, however get used to this and you can answer quite quickly and then ask them the same.

Recently I went to a female Meetup group and I went with the intention to talk about Project beauty and would hope some of these women would be open to become friends and get to know each other. When I arrived everyone was very warm and genuinely interested in hearing your story and getting to know you.  I felt like I was going to school for the first time, an felt relaxed once I arrived so it was not as bad as I imagined. I’ve never had a huge problem in meeting new people as I used to do it for work  regularly so I know how to prevent those awkward silences etc.

Since this networking event I have already met up with four of the thirty girls that I met and I hope to meet with some  more and create a strong friendship group. One of the girls I have met a few times is from LA and called Nancy (very funny and has a fab personality) she recently invited me to go to Abu Dabi next weekend, cant wait!

So ladies… and gents, go for it. If you want to meet different people outside your working environment I suggest you download the ‘Meetup’ app and you can also create your own group. This is very important to learn and grow as a person and surround yourself by people from all different back grounds.

Enjoy your weekend!



Think Positive- Be Positive

I recently had quite a few people ask me about my journey out to Dubai. So I thought it would make sense to use it as my ‘subject’ in my next Vlog and in my blog.

So let me take you to where it all began back to December 2016….

I was working as a business development manager for a new skin care brand (I wont name names) and to all my family and friends it seemed like I had finally made it, earning a very large salary and driving a BMW. Far from it!

There was a major thing missing, that we all look for in life…. Happiness.

For me having a nice car and a well paid salary didn’t cut the mustard and it didn’t give me fulfilment. I hope this doesn’t sound like I was ungrateful, this job just wasn’t for me and I learnt that, what I actually wanted was to feel happy in myself. Being in the beauty industry you are surrounded by beautiful people but you can also meet people that will be fake and just out for themselves. I made a promise to myself this year (my 30th) to cut ties and contact with anyone that didn’t bring the best out in me. When I did this it felt so good and I felt that I was back on track and ready for bigger and better things.

The Job hunt– I needed to be in different surroundings and meet different people. Most importantly I wanted to feel the sun on my skin and the sand in between my toes. I started looking at positions in the Caribbean as I looked at working on Necker island  as a therapist for a girl I knew. Unfortunately the positon became unavailable as the girl that was leaving decided to stay. I had many interviews with lots of different places Greece, France, Italy, Dubai (for another positon) but none of them stood out or made me feel excited. Finally I receive a call for a spa manager role to set up and run a chain is different beauty concepts- Now your talking!

I really wanted this position so much that I started doing my affirmations (check out the link if you don’t know what they are) I would do them consciously and unconsciously and then I received a WhatsApp confirmation that I got the job. I was over the moon and couldn’t contain my excitement so called my favourite person in the world, my mum.

In the final weeks leading up to moving some of my friends and some family were telling me ‘oh you wont be able to drink’ and ‘no public nudity and you will get arrested if you are’ (also for those that don’t know me I don’t streak in public in the UK either)  these comments made me angry and frustrated. I ignored them, they were ignorant and had just been based on ‘what they heard’ and not on actual experiences as they haven’t been here to be entitled to make a comment!

Image result for positive quotes

Since I have been here my attitude is more positive than before and I have met mainly positive people!

If you have something that you have always wanted to do and have been too scared to do it. Step out of your comfort zone and go for it, you don’t want to wake up old and grey and full of regret.

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Health and Beauty tips- check your iron and sodium levels

Hello All!

My weekend kicked off to me feeling very weak and tired. I knew the weather was playing a big part but I thought I was still adjusting to ‘Dubai life’ but it turns out its common and people who live here have the same issues (phew)

I was having a chat with my housemates boyfriend, who is a personal trainer and nutritional expert. I mentioned that I want to feel more energised and less tired and bloated. I was asked what water I was drinking, Why?

TIP- So it turns out that Arabic water even though it mentions low sodium, its a big reason to tiredness, headaches and feeling sluggish and bloated. Its Evian or Volvic for me then!

I knew that I may have to do more than just change the water I was drinking so I went to a local pharmacist and bought these amazing supplements called Multivion by Vitane they cost me AED 49 for 60 soft gel capsules. They are amazing and I feel 10x better and will continue to keep taking them.

I also recently visited Sephora and its always like entering Alice in Wonderland for me as I love having all of my favourite things under one roof! I, like any other beauty junkie (no I don’t snort my eye shadow) purchased some various items from lip mask to Huda beauty 3D highlighter 

I became slightly obsessed with her makeup tutorials and obviously had to buy her product. If you want to look radiant and flawless then DONT delay you need it in your life!

Check out my video on all of these product and find out my trick to slow down the aging process.




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Dubai and the ‘Big move’

Its been a long time since I last wrote a blog I have mainly been posting on my you tube channel and face book page beauty by B E X trying to be brave and put myself out there and escape my comfort zone.

Judging from the title as you can imagine I’ve been fairly pre-occupied with a life changing move to Dubai. Well let me start by telling you about the amazing sense of community here (more so than back home) everyone is willing to help in anyway they can by recommending a hair dresser (a top priority for us girlies) the best gym classes, restaurant’s, brunches, night life, beaches, hotels, apps for deals and a filter for your shower to prevent hair loss. Don’t worry I haven’t got a reseeding hair line, they use chemicals in the water here that causes your hair to fall out more than usual. I noticed it more when I arrived 3 weeks ago but its not really affected me and I have very thick hair.

Since I’ve been here it really has been non stop, you work hard and you play even harder. I had the comfort of knowing a couple of people who already lived here so I wasn’t completely alone like most that come here. 80% of people living in Dubai are from all across the globe, which is why everyone wants to help as they have all been on the same boat. The days also go by so quick and before you know it its 1am and your still awake or out with friends.

My tips for the big move     

  • Try and make some connections before you leave then you can connect easily once your out here
  • Don’t be afraid of the unknown and the different culture- embrace it
  • Be willing to try different things like Arabic coffee and the food
  • Go with the flow and be open minded
  • Keep a positive attitude as you will come across negative people
  • Eat the Frog- are really good book and a great way to work by doing the annoying tasks first then its out of the way
  • network, network and network so you can learn and share experiences
  • download  insta-shop on your phone so your grocery shopping is delivered to your door within 30mins! for a fee of 2DHS, 41pence to be specific
  • download Zomato for your local takeaway home delivery
  • enjoy waking up to sunshine every day.
  • Don’t listen to negative comments from people back home, only welcome positive

Oh and for the negative people that think you cant drink out here, think again! I have had more drinks here than I would back home.

So cheers then and I will see you next time





Eye patches and Charcoal mask review

Hello All!

There has been so many posts on social media of the charcoal mask and I wanted to see what the fuss was about..

Having only used spa or professional medical products, I always turned my nose up at high street brands and especially cheep products because I’ve always thought they are  cheep for a reason. I’m conscious of ingredients they put in the products so I managed to find a clean low price brand in Boots today.

Product no 1- Yes To Cucumber  2 step eye mask- No Paraben, SLS or silicones (£4.99)

This must be a fairly good quality product then?  Nope not at all! It didn’t have any effect and I also struggled to even put it on. Packaging also a nightmare to open not easy at all so I gave this product 2 out of 10. I was disappointed that it didn’t feel like jelly

Product no 2- Yes To Tomatoes– 2 step mask- No Paraben, SLS or silicones  (£4.99)

Once again doesn’t contain any nasty ingredients  and is 95% natural. I also found this hard to open and just a really odd product in general. I was expecting it to be a rubber tight mask but it didn’t stay on very well and had no impact on my blackhead or pores at all! Also going to give this a 2 out of 10.

Check out my Vlog so you can see for yourself

The ultimate skin care Basics

As I’ve been in the skin care industry and have been  educated in skin for over thirteen years. It was important for me to talk through a step by step to beautiful skin.

Step 1- Cleanse, not with face wipes or soap!

Step 2- Serum- This sinks in deeper and will give you the best result for your skin and will work better as a treatment for a specific concern.

Step 3- Moisturise- Day cream with SPF and night cream.

Check out my video on this blog,

I welcome all comments and questions as I will be happy to help. I suffered with acne and I know how hard it is and would love to help anyone who might be in the same situation or if you know someone who suffers with any skin issues. Please share my blog and YouTube posts and will plan to do a skin care Q&A video once I have a few questions.

Thanks for reading!

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